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Thank you for joining the hundreds of Mauget Certified Applicators worldwide that have become proficient at using our products.

Now that you have completed our certification process, We would like to add you to our searchable online applicator list. Through this list, people in need of an applicator will be able to find you and we love connecting our experts with those that need you.

*To be included in Mauget’s Applicator Locator database you must:
  • Maintain a current Mauget certification 
  • Have a working email address and phone number
  • Agree to receive emails from Mauget for information on certification expirations, product updates or other important announcements (***Unsubscribing from Mauget emails will result in removal from the Mauget Applicator Locator database)

Please take a few moments and complete the form below with your information. When we receive your registration, we will confirm your course completion and add you to our database.


*** If you have changes to your information at a later time, please complete this form again and we will process the updates to keep our site up to date.

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