Welcome to the Mauget Certification Center!

Thank you for your interest in joining the thousands of professionals around the world that are using our products to maintain the health of their trees.  We are excited that you’re here and we’re committed to assuring that you have the skills and understanding to successfully manage our products.

For over 60 years, our products have been used by arborists and tree care providers to maintain the health and wellness of their trees in addition to offering an additional avenue to increase their company revenue.  Adding Mauget products to your service line as part of your Plant Health Care (PHC) program allows you to add a unique specialty to your menu of services, but more importantly, it allows you to provide proven solutions to troublesome issues that elude so many other providers.

If you are feeling a little undecided take a few minutes to watch the videos below and see how using Mauget has helped these businesses.

In less than 2 hours you can be certified and start reaping the benefits of adding this service for your existing and new customers.  Start by registering using the link below. Once registered, you can add available classes to your Mauget Training account and earn your Mauget certifications.

Welcome to our team!

Testimonial from Emerald Lawn Care

Here’s what the owner of Arbortech has to say about Mauget.

Did you Know?

Certified applicators  have earned the right to use our Mauget Certified Logo on their business cards, uniform and websites advertising the fact that they are an educated Mauget product specialist that understands how to manage the needs of their clients. 

Certified Mauget Applicator


  • Mauget has been perfecting their products for over 60 years?

  • Certified applicators can add thousands of dollars to their monthly revenue by using our products.

  • Our products can add annual treatment agreements to your service menu.

Asian Long-horned Beetles

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