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This agreement between Site User and the JJ Mauget Company outlines your commitment and understanding of users of this website and or users of Mauget products. Due to the nature of our business, it is important that we ask you to acknowledge the rules and regulations that we are required to follow as well as standards that we work to uphold and require of our applicators and distributors. Users of Mauget products are expected to work within all safety guidelines and to educate themselves to these guidelines and the best practices that are common to our industry. While we review safety guidelines throughout our website, literature, and training courses, these should in no way be expected to include all possible scenarios that could arise from the use of our products. As with working with any chemicals, common sense plays a big part in managing safety. If you are unsure how to safely use our products, please educate yourself or reach out to us for additional assistance. There are some items that should be understood by tree professionals working with such products. Please check the boxes below that you understand and acknowledge these statements. • JJ Mauget certifications have been designed to enhance user education and to confirm that a certified user understands our products and their use. The use of the “Mauget Certified” label should only be used by those professionals that hold a current Mauget certification and the businesses that employ them.

• The issuance of a Mauget certification does not exclude you from the requirement of state and federal licenses or additional chemical management certifications applicable in your area.
• The use of this website constitutes your agreement that you will not share company information or practices with competing businesses and that you will consider the acknowledgment of this agreement of nondisclosure as a binding agreement.
• It is important to read and understand the product specific label before using any Mauget product in the field. To the extent consistent with applicable law, J.J. Mauget Co. makes no warranty of merchantability, fitness for any purpose or otherwise expressed or implied concerning these products or their uses which extends beyond the use of the product under normal conditions in accord with the statements made on the label.
I agree to the above and I understand and agree to the JJ Mauget Terms and Conditions.

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