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Course Overview –

Mauget products are developed with strict standards ensuring an environmentally safe dosage with every application administered. This course is designed to educate potential applicators how to identify situations and safely administer our product(s) within our recommended guidelines.

Using these guidelines, Certified Applicators will have a greater understanding of the theory behind our products and how to manage and apply our capsules while adhering to exacting regulations.  Upon completion of this course, students will qualify as a Mauget Certified Applicator.

As a new Mauget Certified Applicator team member, you will be assigned a certification number you can use at our approved distributors to purchase Mauget products. In addition, once certified, you will be added to the Certified Applicators Locator which will assist you in acquiring new business in your operating area.

This Certification is issued for 3 years.

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